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Friday, November 19, 2010

Got a lot of AFK time? Got an Alchemist? Well you can make gold.


Suckerfish are ridiculously common. Anyone fishing up fish feasts for  their raid, to sell, or looking for a sea turtle gets tons of them.  Many vendor them but some people put them on the AH and that is when we make our move.  Pygmy Suckerfish can be turned into Pygmy Oil by any 375  alchemist. One fish makes between 1-2 Oil, it does not benefit from any specialization.  The fish vendor for 50c and I tend to see them on my AH for between 1 and 5 silver each.  Well, pygmy oil vendors for 7s50c.  It won't make you a millionaire overnight but this is a great way to vendor your way to some no-risk gold if you've got a decent amount of afk time in your future that you could spend crafting. =]

Protip: Check the AH on Saturday afternoons. People will likely have caught many Pygmy Suckerfish during the Kaluak Fishing Derby.

1 comment:

  1. Lol I laughed when I saw this just because it's so simple compared to the RIDICULOUSLY complicated Saronite Shuffle (with gem cuts and/or enchanting)


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