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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cataclysm: Faidstyle!

Faidian Slip: I'm trying to look on the bright side of the Insane changes; you should too! Now that a lot more people may start it, Darkmoon Faire will be a goal for even more people. Scribes, rejoice, your cards will be valuable for months to come! *wanders off to make more Thorium Widgets*
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What's my Cataclysm gold strategy?  Well, I intend to calmly get out of my chair, wedge myself under my desk, cover my head with my hands, and pray that everything comes out okay.

I'm at a disadvantage here in that I've never been playing at the time an expansion was released; I started playing mid-BC and was on a six month break from the game when Wrath launched.  I hardly know what to expect!

I am not a patient paladin.  If I can't sell something within 3 days of its creation/purchase I start feeling very antsy about it and sometimes will even sell it for significantly less than I feel its worth in my worry. This likely can cost me a lot of gold in the upcoming expansion due to my aversion to stockpiling, but hey, I think, with the knowledge I have now, I can use the volatile post-expansion market to stay afloat, if not profit.

My particular thought pattern is that I'll be leveling Faid with mining, so I'll be able to cash in a bit on the farming there, and also tanking randoms which should get me some rep rewards and some drops which will be valuable.

Here's the bottom line of my plan:
  • Netherweave Bags. Aren't I original?  The cloth is going for 2.5g per stack on my server right now and the one thing I AM stockpiling are bolts.  It should go without saying why I feel this is a safe investment.
  • Low-level Profession Mats.  I haven't been buying much out yet but I have been stockpiling what I get while out and about and have a small small collection of Tin, Mageroyal, Wool Cloth, etc.  I expect the demand of new worgen will cause these to become much more valuable. 
  • Chatting, questing, and exploring.

Chatting, questing, and exploring? What? What do I think this is, some kind of social game?  Well, I got Faid to Borean Tundra about 2 months after Wrath had launched. There I found a quest requiring Overcharged Capacitors.  All I could think was "If I'd been here on launch day I could have sold these for 300g a pop."

I think knowing the lay of the land, the quests added and what they require, and just generally understanding the world after the Shattering will be the best thing to do when Cataclysm launches, and hey, if I say my Cataclysm launch plan is to play the game, how weird can I really sound?

This post was prompted by Marcko's December Blogging Carnival. It's great, y'all should check it out over at Just My Two Copper!  Unfortunately I missed November so I'll just make up for it with an extra-early December! That counts, right?


  1. I'd overlooked the profits to be made from just chatting, questing and exploring! But if you're one of the first people to come across a quest like the one requiring an Overcharged Capacitor in Cataclysm, you really could make a fortune! I hadn't been sure where my focus would be for the first few days of Cata, but your post has helped me decide that once I'm finished failing to get the relm first for fishing, I'll head out to do some questing and exploring of my own! Thanks! :)

  2. Don't overlook the 16 slot revered faction bags selling for dirt cheap

  3. @ Anonymous; The problem there is the word revered. No one who has gold will hold off until revered to get one. Can you get revered quickly? Yes. But not as quickly as I can drop a few gold at the AH and mail off a bunch of 16 slots across to my new alt at level 1. (Even better now that there are mailboxes in the starting areas!) I've sold about 300 since 4.0.3a went live so I'm not seeing any market suffering! :D

  4. Yeah I highly doubt that people will really wait until revered to get those 16 slot bags. The first thing I do on a new character is to outfit him with 4 large bags (20-slotters these days).

  5. Ouch. looks like you lost out in the cata blitz. Netherweave Bags and low level mats all stayed dirt cheap. I made a ton farminge ore and reselling enchanting mats.

  6. @Anyonmous (9 AM Dec 14): Missed out? I paid 2g each for a Netherweave bag in mats and sold over 300 for 30g a pop while getting to level to 85 and enjoy the content instead of mindlessly farming. That's the very definition of not missing out, IMO!

    And in regards to lower level mats, as I said, I didn't stockpile those at all; I stockpiled . . . nothing. Except Netherweave, which paid off tremendously for almost no work put in. And for those who DID stockpile low level mats . . . I think you're being very short-sighted, Anonymous. Of course the price hasn't risen, there's so many new toons being rolled right now that are gathering mats up and so the price has stayed low. In mid-Cataclysm, when the slump drives people to be rolling new alts, they'll have just as much demand but they won't have the new worgen and goblin to supply it. I still feel that, for others who did invest in low level mats, it can be a very wise investment.


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