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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glyph Posting: Successful

Popped three of each glyph up for 50g a pop. There were many glyphs up for less than mine but I'm hoping those all sell out quickly, leaving mine. =]

After official raid times tonight my raid leader grabbed my shaman for ICC 25.   Now my silly shaman has four 264 tier tokens and 25 Kingslayer.

I entertained myself during strategy discussions by making glyphs, as she is my scribe.  Someone pointed out I may be getting ready for tomorrow and several people laughed and said there was no money to be made in Inscription anymore. Yesssss.  Indeed. Keep thinking that way!

So now I work on homework and mourn the loss of a dear, dear friend.


  1. I'm following Faid! Yeah your blog owns and my blog blows. Don't even look at my blog. I mean you will hurl. Seriously. Oh well, I am just glad someone on AD is representing.

    I posted 4 of every glyph for 60g (bid/BO) so they will have to chew through yours to get to mine. I put mine on for 48 hours since I do not know how long it will take to get back online with my slow connection here in Iraq. I am nervous because I was not able to turn all my inks into glyphs last night. I am guessing herbs will go up about 20% and inks will inflate by 200-300%. Should make for an interesting ride.

    I also bought every Eternal and every Frozen orb before I logged out (about 13k). This put me back to 48k with a pretty good stockpile. My JC was my last profession i leveled so I have no patterns. Let me know if you run out of gems and i will supply you 10% below market or 10% above my cost (whichever is cheapest)

    I do want to collaborate with you and make sure I add you to my white list. I will also be guild shopping when I get back home. So if you want I will give you my RealID when we are next online. I have ten toons on AD (all alliance) and every skill at 450. I also have 2 transmute-rs and two jewelers.

    Looking forward to more posts. You are a very good writer. The "Meta" one-liner was epic BTW. Take care Faid. (following on Blogger)

  2. Hey Crusard! Next time we're both in game you should definitely shoot me a whisper. Sorry I wasn't too talkative last time, right when you whispered me we were on the final stretch of No Deaths Yogg 25 for Conqueror of Ulduar! (Got it, by the way! :D)


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