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Saturday, October 30, 2010

If you value your sanity you should ignore this post.

That's right. I got sucked in.  I've been hearing the guys over at Call to Auction talk about Netherweave Bags a lot but was never really inclined to try a hand at it. Now that I'm farming Anzu and half-assedly farming Mongoose materials I've been coming into a bit of Netherweave. I crafted what I had looted into about 20 bags. They sold within 4 minutes.  I was intrigued.

I bought Netherweave off the AH for 3g 50s a stack. (A stack of cloth + 1 Rune Thread which is 40s from a vendor makes a bag.) Did some AFK crafting and made and sold 150 bags on the first day at 7g per bag.

I'm hooked, to say the least.  But man, the crafting time is insane. D:  Regardless, experiencing a new market has been fun. I'm playing around with a lot of different strategies just killing time in the pre-Cataclysm slump and I've been enjoying it so far.

My favorite market has really increased quite a bit. Blizzard recently announced it's official, Insane will be hurt by Cataclysm.  This means the markets may die in Cataclysm . . . but until then they are raging. Librams went from 200g to 1500g a piece on my Alliance auction house, Pristine Black Diamonds went from 150g to 500g.

Also I've been able to really use Abitrage to my advantage, using my horde hunter to flip things via the neutral AH.  My server is a release day RP server which is heavily weighted towards the Alliance, most of the completionists are Alliance at the moment. It's caused prices to rise drastically on Insane mats on the Alliance side while staying the same on Horde; I've been buying librams for 100g on Horde and selling them for at least 1000 on Alliance, it's been great. ^_^

My main effort has been liquidating my Snowfall Ink.  With Insane bottoming out chances are there won't be a great market for Darkmoon Cards past the release of the expansion and right now those desperate to complete this grind are willing to pay top dollar for bulk inks.

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