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Sunday, October 3, 2010

An End to the Madness

I started this grind mid-summer of 2009. It's taken me a long time. It spanned many holidays, a three month break from the game. I've finished a year of school, I've met, dated, and moved in with my boyfriend . . . it took a while.  But it's finally done.

I went about it a lot more slowly than most. The pirates were the simplest, I actually was on a roof AFK in one of my summer classes while a bunch of other people killed stuff. =D  I attempted to do Goblins back when Argent Dawn was suffering from the Additional Instances Could Not Be Launched pandemic of 2009. So that set me back a long time since I preferred key runs to grinding pirates.

I farmed out Shendralar in Dire Maul, full clearing West more times than I care to think about for Librams and Diamonds while snagging the cheap ones on the AH when I could. During this time I rolled my own rogue to complete Ravenholdt, not wanting to pay the 6-10g per box I've heard many other people paid.

I had a friend wanting to get into the game around that time and I used recruit a friend (Back before it gave rockets QQ stupid zhevra) and thus my level 60 twinked rogue was born. I'm a horrible rogue, energy fills my brain with confusion.  But I was able to spend a few weeks in LBRS pickpocketing all that was necessary!  (I also rewarded my little rogue with a Mekgineer's Chopper and the Bloodsail Admiral title.)

To do Darkmoon Faire I intended to make my own cards but didn't have any open profession options so I rolled a new shaman.  The shaman's now 80 with max inscription. I ended up buying or trading most of my cards since the odds of making the ones you need is just ridiculously low. =[  The shaman's geared to DPS ICC, though, granted, I rarely ever play her.  But it's great to be able to have my own scribe and enchanter!

And so, to complete Insane in the Membrane, I ended up with a new level 60 rogue twink, a new 80 shaman, a scribe, and an enchanter.  Just completing the Insane has given me so much to do in the game and, thanks to that, I've got a lot more to do to entertain myself, many more money making options . . . Insane was a great grind and I had a lot of fun with it.


  1. Mega grats to you!!

    Perhaps if I could pick your brain for a moment...
    At the moment my only real problem area is DMF. I have a max-level scribe who I`ve been using to churn out level 70 cards. Aside from that I`ve been buying up any cards on the AH that are 25g and under, but also keeping in mind that I have 7 Two of XYZ and only 1 Ace of XYZ so I don`t need to buy any more twos until I can rustle up some aces.

    You said you bought everything...I know you play the AH well so did you have a spending limit? Did you buy completed decks to turn in yourself? Did you camp the Faire and advertise buying people`s turnings, or trading them the trinket for their unturned in deck?

    Sorry for the novel...I`m just so ready to be done XD Grats again!!

  2. I didn't have a strict spending limit of "I'll only spend X for this card, NO MORE." I watched the AH and got a good idea of how plentiful a card would be (Tons of eights of undeath, never sixes, for example) and how much I might expect to pay for it. I bought anything that I considered to be a good deal. If it was the last card I needed to finish out a deck I would splurge for expensive cards, and near the end I spent a lot on cards just to finish it out.

    I rarely bought full decks but always watched them for low prices. Also, find out how much you can get for the resulting trinket from each deck. Paying 3000g for a Blessings deck is silly, but 3000g for a Nobles and you'll probably profit.

    I didn't stay at the fair but during the DMF I would advertise in trade, something like "Are you getting ready to turn in your Darkmoon Faire deck? Well, let me turn it in for you! I'll give you your trinket back and I'll tip you gold just to let me do it, PST!" If anyone would answer I would 1) Offer to chopper them to the Faire. 2) Be sure they were actually interested and not competition looking to discern my prices.

    I usually tipped around 100g, but would go higher if it was decent. (Hell, with each deck sometimes costing almost 1000 even tipping 500g is savings sometimes.) Never advertise the price you're paying in trade or public channels as someone's bound to offer more than you're paying and you'll hike your price up. Also, I wouldn't rely on this, I only ever got three people who let me turn in their decks. Three is three less decks that I had to gather but I wouldn't recommend this as your main source of rep. :)


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